About us

Bonnefooi means « by chance » in the Brussels’ dialect. A place where you can randomly discover new music and people from all over the world. Located in the heart of Brussels, Bonnefooi is all about music. FREE concerts and DJs almost every day, until late at night… And with “late at night” we mean 6am on weekdays and 8am on weekends 🙂

Over the last years, Bonnefooi has established itself as one of places to be (and to party!) in Brussels, thanks to its eclectic and alternative music programme, its insane Void Acoustics soundsystem and its really crazy vibes. Besides hosting weekly amazing local artists, some real legends have performed here, such as Charanijt Singh or Daniele Baldelli.

Come enjoy the magic of this city... Bonnefooi is Brussels!

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Rue des Pierres 8
1000 Brussels
Lundi Mardi fermé
Mercredi et dimanche de 20h à 4H
Jeudi vendredi et samedi de 20h à 8h

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